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  Departmental Calendars

What are they?

Departmental calendars are similar to the UW Events Calendar, but more limited in scope. Each departmental calendar is associated with a 'skin', so that when the calendar is viewed, it will have a different look and feel than the default public events calendar. Typically the skin includes a department-chosen banner in the header, colors for the calendar grid, and some special text in the footer.

How do we use them?

There are two ways a department can use one of these calendars:

How do we set one up?

Through a supplemental UW NetID and a custom stylesheet. The MyUW team will work with you to brand the calendar for your department. We'll give your calendar a distinct web address that you can use on your department's website. You add events by logging in to MyUW Personal Calendar with your supplemental NetID.

Can everyone view the events?

Anyone that knows the web address of your calendar can view the events.

We do have an option for departments that want a calendar that is semi-protected. We can require a UW NetID authentication prior to viewing the calendar, which prevents users without a UW NetID from seeing it. We cannot, at the moment, allow access by only a subset of UW NetIDs. Departmental calendars are meant to be publicly readable; they are not a substitute for group calendars.

Why not just use the UW Events Calendar?

The advantages of a departmental calendar over simply entering public events are:

  1. You don't need to enter events into the public calendar that you don't consider public.
  2. You can easily include already-existing public events from the UW Events Calendar by selecting them for inclusion in the corresponding personal calendar.
  3. You can display the events with your own departmental branding without having to run your own calendar server.

Contact us

To set up one of these calendars, or to get more information, contact us at Contact  MyUW.

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Modified: June 07, 2010