Table of Contents

  1. Log in to MyUW
  2. Log out and exit your browser
  3. Change Your Password
  4. Add Your Favorite Links
  5. Change Appearance Themes
  6. Change Settings
  7. Missing The Right Hand Side of MyFrontPage!
  8. "Loading the content ..." or "The content is not available ..."
  9. Rearrange Content Boxes
  10. Export Your Class Schedules to Other Calendars
  11. Find in MyUW
  12. Publish Your Departmental Content on MyUW

Log in to MyUW

To use all the features of MyUW (i.e., change the content, add your links), click the Log in with Your UW NetID button and enter your UW NetID and password.

If you have problems logging in:

Log out and exit your browser

To prevent unauthorized use of your UW NetID and protect your privacy, when you finish, always follow these two steps:

  1. Log Out of MyUW (the link is at the upper-right corner) to prevent others from viewing your MyUW content
  2. Completely exit your Web browser

Otherwise, if someone else uses the computer after you, they would have access to your personal information.

Change Your Password

Use the My Account link (on the top right of the main MyUW pages) to go to Manage Your UW NetID Resources page where you may change your UW NetID password, turn on services, change your Email options.

Add Your Links on MyUW

You may add your personal links on any MyUW page. Before adding your links, you must first add your custom box:

  1. Click the Add Custom Box link if you are on Bookmark page, or the Add Content link otherwise
  2. Enter your box title in the input field, click the Add it button.

You should see your new box title on the left; click it to open the box. Now you can add your links via the Edit button on the box.

Your link should have a Web address of maximum length up to 200 characters and a name of maximum 50 characters. A valid Web address must start with http:// or https:// , follow by a server name; and a valid name may start with a letter or a number. If there is any non-ASCII character (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) in the Web address or name that you have entered, they will be filtered out by MyUW.

Your links will be displayed in alphabetical order (case sensitive). If you would like them to appear in a specific order, try adding a number in front of each name.

When you have reached the maximum number of custom boxes, MyUW will notify you with a message. You would need to get ride of some old custom boxes before you can add a new one.

Change Appearance Themes

Find the arrow buttons on the top left of the main MyUW pages.

Change Settings

Missing The Right Hand Side of MyFrontPage

If the content on the MyFrontPage is wider than your screen, the content on the far right becomes blank on Internet Explore 7. When it happens, please click on the heading below the MyFrontPage tab name to bring that box in a focused mode.

If you require super-large font size, click "Ctrl +" (both Ctrl and + keys) to increase the font size on Internet Explore. The "Ignore font size specified on Webpages" Accessibility Option on IE does not work well in this case.

What does "Loading the content ..." or "The content is not available ..." mean?

The box with a Reload button on the upper right corner contains personalized content of a user. The content is retrieved from an external source service. The Reload button is for you to refresh/reload the content inside the box.

The "Loading the content ..." message indicates that the actual content has not been returned by the external service. MyUW is waiting for the content behind the scene and will display the content as soon as it arrives. If it has been loading for more than ten seconds, you may remind it by clicking the reload button on the box.

"The content is not available at this time..." message indicates that MyUW's attempt to get content from the external service has failed. You may click the Reload button on the channel box to try one more time.

If you keep getting these messages instead of the desired content, please Contact MyUW to report the problem. (Note: the Undergraduate Admission Application, Class Schedule, My Class Resources sections may be unavailable or less than complete on weekend mornings due to the student database maintenance).

Rearrange Content Boxes

Follow the instructions below to move your boxes:

  1. Put your mouse cursor over the empty area of the title bar on a box. The cursor should change to a movable cursor (with four arrows)
  2. Click and hold down the mouse key on Mac or the left mouse key on Windows to drag the box where you want it to appear on the page.

MyUW Page Layout Styles:

Two Columns of the width ratio 1:2 (or 2:1)





The pages that start with this layout style are:

The wider column contains at least one wide box. These are wide boxes:

When you have wide boxes on the page, it is better to arrange all of them in the same column. If you close all the wide boxes, the page would use the default three column layout.

Three Columns of Equal Width




The pages of this layout style are:

None of the columns contains wide boxes.

Wide Columns on Top and Three Columns on The Bottom





The pages of this layout style are:

If you have content boxes in the top row (1.1), you may reorder them within the top row but you can't drag the boxes from the top row into any of the lower columns (2.1, 2.2, 2.3).

Export Your Class Schedules to Other Calendars

  1. Add your class schedule into your MyUW Calendar by clicking on the small calendar icon inside the Class Schedule or My Class Resources channel box
  2. On the result page, click the "Export as XML, Text, or iCalendar" link to export

In the MyUW Public Calendar on the Events tab, you may Export the Academic Calendar and other UW public calendars.

Find in MyUW

If you know the name of the content that you want to find/subscribe in MyUW, you can enter the key words, select "MyUW", and click the Search button on the upper right corner of the page. It does a string match (case in-sensitive) with the MyUW heading titles, sub-titles, and descriptions. You may use the following wildcards to aid in your search:

*  Matches zero, one, or more characters. For example, librar* will return results for library and libraries.

?  Matches any one character.  For example, UW? Library will return results for UWB Library and UWT Library.

The results page will display both items that you are subscribed to and those that you are not. The subscribed items will be followed by a It's on the ... Tab link. Clicking on this link will take you to the MyUW tab containing the item. Items that are available in MyUW but you are not yet subscribed to will be followed by an Add it on the ... Tab link. Clicking on this link adds the item to your MyUW tab and takes you to the tab containing the item.

Publish Your Departmental Content on MyUW

MyUW supports Web service for publishing personal content and Atom or RSS syndication formats for publishing other dynamic content on MyUW.

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